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Reporting the PCC elections – confusing messages

Giselle Green ran Siobhan Benita’s media campaign in the recent London Mayoral election. She is an ex-BBC News producer.   The media's obsession with the low turnout for the PCC elections was a self-fulfilling prophecy. Right from the start the … Continue reading

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Expect More?

Mervyn Barrett's campaign slogan was 'Expect More', and we did – about another 3 weeks more, but his campaign has come to a sudden and premature end which you can explore by reading the following:- Andrew Gilligan's Sunday Telegraph Article … Continue reading

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What will Mervyn do?

A PCC candidate’s lot is not a happy one. Whether ‘blessed’ by party support or independent of it, the task of reaching anywhere from 500,000 to over 2 million people with the meagre resources you have managed to scratch together … Continue reading

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…in for a pound?

The Birmingham Post’s Jonathan Walker has done some digging on the TopOfTheCops story about an investigation into the West Midlands Conservatives PCC candidate selection. They have spoken to Jim Cooper, Chairman of the West Midlands version of the curiously-named Police … Continue reading

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Turned out nice again

This weekend the Electoral Reform Society added to the worries around the Police and Crime Commissioner election when they published an estimated turnout of 18.5% for November's election. While Policing Minister Nick Herbert had famously spent an earlier part of … Continue reading

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Lembit Opik shown the ropes – Make up your own headline…

…because you can’t make this up. Is there anything Lembit Opik won’t do for publicity?

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More from “The Thick of It”

Simply mentioning “Thick of It” character Malcolm Tucker (played by Peter Capaldi), together with this photo of some filming I came across a week ago at Westminster has caused a lot of excitement on the Capaldi-obsessed parts of the net. … Continue reading

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Weekend Update, Part 2- 25 March 2012

The how-many-days-till-TopOfTheCops-election scandal continues. On Saturday we revealed a seven day discrepancy between the wait till the election given by the Association of Police Authorities and that given by CREST Advisory. The latter, who obviously work weekends, have been in … Continue reading

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Tony Lloyd “unopposed” for Greater Manchester. Was it a fix and what’s Crick up to?

Remember all that stuff about Labour members choosing the candidates for Police and Crime Commissioner? Well, in Manchester, not so much. Tonight both the Manchester Evening News and the BBC are reporting that veteran MP and Chair of the Parliamentary … Continue reading

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Is the party over?

If you’ve come here expecting lots of commentary on “Winsor Part 2″, then I’m sorry to disappoint, but it’s just soooo long that I haven’t read it all yet, and haven’t the inclination to pretend I have (unlike a few … Continue reading

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