IPCC in sudden move shock

Just the briefest of updates for those of you wondering whether to download those IPCC reports in case my prediction (that one would be disappearing and changing) came true,

Well, it did.

The IPCC provided the information I requested, of which I will write more at another time. I have to say, that is a bit of a record. An FOI request with the IPCC is generally a struggle. A Subject Access Request with them took about 5 months to get started, which is over 3 months longer than the law allows – but the law doesn't count for much in IPCC-world, and certainly not as much as leverage does.

Leverage, in the form of damaging information and you guys who read TopOfTheCops.com and twitter, including those of you in the media, got the deal done in about a day, so thank you. This meant I then kept my end of the deal and provided details of the error and, as I thought, the report was pulled and replaced pretty darn quick.

So the link to the addendum report in yesterday's article no longer works, and there is a new addendum report there which is not the first one they had up. It's too late for you to download the original version of the addendum report. Well, too late to do it from the IPCC website, but I understand there may be another source soon. Though you should still feel free to download the reports. They are dull, sure, but there are little nuggets of gold in there – and the broad sweep is entertaining, in a keystone cops sort of way.

You'll note the you won't be able to detect any change from reading the IPCC website. It looks as if nothing ever happened. There is no explanation. No apology. Not even for the time and money they wasted screwing things up. Imagine if the people they investigate behaved like that.

Anyway, this kind of proves that after 2 years, 6 months, an investigation report and 2 error-correcting reports, there are still basic problems with this IPCC investigation.

So, I owe you guys an explanation, well, two explanations in fact:-

1. What information did I get for my trade?

2. What information did I give?

All will be revealed.



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