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TopOfTheCops readers do not disappoint, and several have copied me into emails to Birmingham City Council’s Chief Executive to alert him to the vacancy in the office of PCC for West Midlands. By my reckoning, if he had not managed … Continue reading

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Waiting for the starting pistol

On Tuesday we all had to deal with the sad news that Bob Jones had died, and almost immediately to consider the impending by-election in the West Midlands. As reported at the time, there is a 35-business-day deadline by which … Continue reading

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Labour Pains

There's a little more to the story of the unions funding the selection campaigns of their preferred candidates. If a union (or any single donor) gives a candidate who is a party member over £1,500, in cash or in kind, … Continue reading

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Cambridgeshire Tories select, again.

I understand that Cambridgeshire Conservatives will be having a hustings this Friday evening, followed by a vote to select their replacement Candidate for the Police and Crime Commissioner elections. Sadly this means that they will move from one extreme of … Continue reading

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Politics on your Doorstep

When TopOfTheCops covered the difficulties attending the selection of Michael Mates as Conservative PCC candidate in Hampshire, there was a flurry of responses. That flurry was not from Hampshire though, and not from Surrey, which had also been mentioned in … Continue reading

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Another fine mess

Today it seems that John Pye is no longer the Conservative Candidate for Cambridgeshire. At least that’s what Conservative Campaign Headquarters think. (Update: This is probably the best story-in-a-headline on the issue- “Tory Party announces that Tory hopeful who beat two Tories … Continue reading

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…in for a pound?

The Birmingham Post’s Jonathan Walker has done some digging on the TopOfTheCops story about an investigation into the West Midlands Conservatives PCC candidate selection. They have spoken to Jim Cooper, Chairman of the West Midlands version of the curiously-named Police … Continue reading

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