Candidates may spend up to £142,720 during the election period for this £75,000 per annum post.

Statement of Persons Nominated

Ainsley Arnold – Liberal Democrat

Louise Bours – UKIP

John Dwyer – Conservative – Website

Sarah Flannery – Independent – Website

John Stockton – Labour – Website

There was speculation that Baroness Newlove could stand, and ‘fears’ that Kerry Katona could put her name forward, but Baroness Newlove, speaking at the Policy Exchange PCC conference in June, explicitly ruled herself out.

John Dwyer, former Assistant Chief Constable of Cheshire, has been chosen as the Conservative candidate.

Halton Councillor John Stockton was elected as the Labour party candidate with 471 votes against 375 for Steve Carter.

The Cheshire Police Authority Transition newsletter is here.

2 Responses to Cheshire

  1. Linzi Wood says:

    I have just come on to this site to get some help in deciding who to vote for in the police elections. What the hell is an advert for a wargame doing in the middle of it? I give up, we have no chance of any morality anyway so I’m not wasting my time voting!! Thanks thats just saved me a job.

    • samchapman says:

      This is a private site, not a government site. Do you refuse to watch ITN/Sky News/Channel 4 News becuase they have ads on them?

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