Candidates may spend up to £99,900 during the election period for this £65,000 post.

Statement of Persons Nominated

David Bowles – Independent – Website – TopOfTheCops Candidate Statement

Richard Davies – Conservative – Website

Paul Gleeson – Labour

Alan Hardwick – Independent – Website

Mervyn Barrett was nominated as an Independent candidate but withdrew following adverse coverage about his campaign/campaign manager – see here and here.

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County Councillor Richard Davies has been selected as the Conservative candidate. His Candidate Statement is here, and his website at Also shortlisted was Dr Lee Rotherham of Taxpayers’ Alliance fame (website here, TopOfTheCops Candidate Statement here), and Kelly Jason Smith.

The Labour candidate was Phil Dilks, who received 217 votes in the member’s ballot, against 97 for Paul Gleeson. Mr Dilks withdrew due to being disqualified by a conviction acquired in his youth.

Boston Borough Councillor Elliot Fountain was said to be standing for the English Democrats, but didn’t.

Mervyn Barrett OBE was running as an Independent. His TopOfTheCops Candidate Statement is here. It was suggested that the rate at which he attracted Twitter followers was suspicious, before he ran into the other problems mentioned above.

David Bowles former Chief Executive of Lincolnshire County Council is also standing as an Independent. His TopOfTheCops Candidate Statement is here.

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  1. Jane Crofts says:

    For more information about David Bowles Campaign go to

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