Candidates may spend up to £182,529 during the election period for this £85,000 per annum post.

Statement of Persons Nominated (Excel .xls)

Geoff Gubb – Conservative

Hilary Jones – UKIP

Paula Keaveney – Liberal Democrats – Website

Jane Kennedy – Labour – Website

Kiron Reid – Independent – Website

Paul Rimmer –  English Democrats –  ‘More Police – Catching Criminals’

Former Minister Jane Kennedy beat fellow former Minister Peter Kilfoyle and Police Authority Chairman Bill Weightman to the Labour nomination. David Bartlett gives his view of the race in the Liverpool post. Click Liverpool detail past bad blood between Kennedy and Kilfoyle.

Sefton Councillor Les Byrom CBE, who was a Conservative Councillor for over 20 years, including a period as national Chairman of the Fire Service, before defecting in 2008, told the Formby Times he wanted the Labour nomination. His website is here. This was his Candidate Statement for He  did not make it to Labour’s “long list” of candidates.

Long-time health professional John Ashton seemed to want to run, but he expressed fears that the nominations are sewn up by ex-Ministers.

English Democrat Paul Rimmer wants to run for the post in November.

No independents or candidates for other parties have yet emerged.

Merseyside Police Authority have some limited information on their website about the Police and Crime Commissioner post.

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