Candidates may spend up to £95,663 during the election period for this £70,000 post.

Statement of Persons Nominated

Lee Barron – Labour – Barron is believed ineligible to take office as a PCC after revealing details of a conviction from 1990. His attempt to withdraw was too late, and his name remains on the ballot.

Jim MacArthur – UKIP

John Norrie – Independent – TopOfTheCops Candidate Statement

Adam Simmonds – Conservative – Website

Paul Varnsverry – Liberal Democrat – Website – TopOfTheCops Candidate Statement

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Labour have chose Lee Barron, a union official who secured 212 votes against 176 for The former police officer, diplomat, and Freemason Mike Caseman-Jones. Barron has committed to the County’s police spending 90% of their time on the streets!

Matt Stockdale, a former special constable, said he was running as an Independent, but has withdrawn due to ‘space weather‘.

5 Responses to Northamptonshire

  1. Northamptonshire Resident says:

    The comments about the Northamptonhsire candidates seems a bit impartial towards Mr Caseman-Jones. It would be fairer if the independent candidate, Mr Norrie,was given equal billing in the narrative.

    • samchapman says:

      You’ll have to take the site as a whole. Mr Norrie has a candidate statement. His opponent does not (yet). More detail does not entail endorsement. There may be some details that candidates would rather I had not published.

  2. Corby Resident says:

    A Parliamentary by-election in Corby on the same day as Police Commissioner election.

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