Candidates may spend up to £260,591 during the election period for this £85,000 post.

Statement of Persons Nominated

David Goodall – Liberal Democrat – Website

Simon Hayes – Independent – Website

Don Jerrard – Justice and Anti-Corruption – Website

Michael Mates – Conservative – Website

Jacqui Rayment – Labour – Website

Stephen West – UKIP – Website – TopOfTheCops Candidate Statement

The Conservatives have chosen 78-year old former MP Michael Mates as their candidate, with the much younger Donna Jones, a magistrate and Deputy Leader of the Conservatives on Portsmouth City Council as the runner up. Previous rounds of candidates were covered on ITV and Conservative Home. The others on the longlist were:- Roger Ainsley, former Rear Admiral in the Royal Navy, from Southsea in Portsmouth; Christopher Brannigan – former Lieutenant Colonel in the Royal Scots Dragoon Guards, from Winchester; Melville Kendal, a private investment consultant and cabinet member on Hampshire county council, from Milford on Sea, near Lymington; and Seán Woodward, the leader of Fareham Borough Council and a businessman from Whiteley in Hampshire, who gave TopOfTheCops this Candidate Statement.

Mr Mates has named Lt Col Brannigan as his nominee for Deputy PCC.

One name missing from the list on the Conservative side was George Beckett, who stood down as leader of Winchester City Council, and ultimately from the Council itself to clear the way for his run.

In Hampshire you can be the only Labour Councillor on the Police Authority and still end up as the Chair – Cllr Jacqui Rayment moved from the undecided column to ‘in the running’ as the Labour nominations closed, and secured the nomination with 576 votes against Alan Hagger’s 335 votes. Mr Hagger had only just retired from his post as Strategic Commissioning Director at Hampshire County Council, and so was relatively new to active politics. They were subject to comment in an article about a possible split, resignation and party gagging of cabinet members in Southampton.

Former senior Conservative Councillor and Chairman of Hampshire Crimestoppers Simon Hayes is standing as an Independent.

Councillor Stephen West is standing for the UK Independence Party.

As proof that speculation is ever rife, even in quality papers, Katie Price (a.k.a. Jordan) has contacted journalists on the Guardian to let them know that she won’t be running to be Hampshire’s Police and Crime Commissioner, which in a way is a shame, as she appeared to be already dressed for the part.

Other Press Coverage

The News on Donna Jones

Councillor Woodward in the Daily Echo and the Gazette.

8 Responses to Hampshire

  1. Redruth says:

    Michael ‘Don’t let the B get you down’ Mates want to be in charge of the B does he?

  2. Mike S says:

    Jacqui Rayment was Chair of the Hants Police Authority when they spent £9.3 million of taxpayers money buying land and buildings (valued at £6 million) at Alpha Park in Chandlers Ford with the idea of using it as a new Police HQ.

    Against the advice of the Chief Constable, the HCC CEO and the County Treasurer (who was quoted in the press as saying he “wouldn’t touch it with a bargepole”) the Police Authority – under the Chairmanship of Rayment – went ahead with the purchase.

  3. Hampshire Hog says:

    Hampshire Hog 06-Sep-12 at

    At the final selection Hustings when Mr Mates was selected.The question was raised about the Polly Peck situation.Mr Mates stated no problem to long ago.He then produced a folded A4 WHITE PAPER stating this was from John Major (PM @ the time ).He read but NO ONE was shown the text – quote he gave – he was good guy and the PM regreted him resigning.The 15 year old letter he said he carries with him all the time ? Then there is the expense saga of Dolphin? How did he even get proposed with this CV ?
    How long would a 78 year old stay in post if elected , before he would resign and be allowed to claim the nice pension? He has resigned once and still many questions to clarify. His candidate position does the Tory Party and members no good at all in the current climate.Who and why was he proposed? A CV for this important position must make the Constabulary wonder what will there Job Scope be with such a Prospective person at the top.
    I post this as a concerned past TORY Association Chairman.
    i AM still a current paid up member.My donations were never meant to support such a high profile “Tory” person. Mr Mates is in my mind a new type of Tory – a “CONVENIENT” ( for his own gain ) Conservative.
    With all these points Mr Mates wants the party to fund his campaign !!

  4. Dave Piper says:

    Why have the Candidates failed so miserably to produce and distribute at least a modicum of publicity on their behalf’s. As far as I can make out you just put your name down, expect everyone to visit your website if you have one and if they are computer literate that is then vote you in. Rank arrogance if you can’t be bothered to state your position and state what your aims are why anyone should vote for you.

  5. Simon Hazelgrove says:

    From Wykehamist. What’s all this about Mates carpetbagging by having a flat in Winchester to qualify to be a resident of Hampshire when his main home is in Sussex. Does he intend to live permaently in Winchester to do the job if he is elected?

  6. Dave Piper says:

    Mates is 78 how long would he stay?? This is supposed to be an election, but once again I ask why was there only information on candidates on the internet, was it because they knew too few people would be bothered to follow this course, only saw any other information in the News on one day last week hardly a plethora of candidate information. This looks to be an election by apathy once again.

    • samchapman says:

      TopOfTheCops has long argued that candidate information should have been collected in a booklet posted through voters doors. The government were seeking to save money, and probably had not left themselves enough time in the election timetable for a booklet to be produced. For 9 months we have been doing what we can with the help of candidates to help voters get the information they need, but it is not all the government’s fault. Nit all candidates have put theirinformation ‘out there’ on this or other sites.

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