Candidates may spend up to £86,344 during the election period for this £65,000 post.

Statement of Persons Nominated

Victoria Atkins – Conservative – Website

Alastair Cameron – Liberal Democrat – Website

Rupi Dhanda – Labour – Website

Martin Surl – Independent – Website

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Rupi Dhanda, wife of former MP and Minister Parmjit Dhanda, was selected without there being a postal ballot (Campaign Video here) The local report says “Phil Gaskin, Labour Party South West Regional Director, said: “Rupi Dhanda will be an excellent candidate. She’s not a politician and she’s not a former police officer.” What could Labour then say about their Humberside shortlist- a politician and a former police officer?

Tim Brain, former Chief Constable of Gloucestershire was reported to be interested, but ruled himself out. Martin Surl, another former police officer, is standing, and says why here.

Victoria Atkins was chosen as the Conservative candidate, in preference to County Council leader Mark Hawthorne and Police Authority Chair Rob Garnham. One Conservative who didn’t make it to the final round is Hucclecote parish councillor and former Panto Dame, Brian Edge.

3 Responses to Gloucestershire

  1. MarkMyWords says:

    Knowing the huge financial strain under which Gloucs Police are trying to operate, anything other than an Independent or Labour PCC could see the spectre of privatisation

  2. MarkMyWords says:

    The increases needed would have only added a few pounds to the overall Council Tax bill as many other Police Authorities have proved

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