Candidates may spend up to £108,754 during the election period for this £70,000 per annum post.

Statement of Persons Nominated

Ansar Ali – Independent – Website

Sir Graham Bright – Conservative – Website

Paul Bullen – UKIP

Stephen Goldspink – English Democrats – ‘More Police – Catching Criminals’

Farooq Mohammed – Independent – Website

Rupert Moss-Eccardt – Liberal Democrat

Ed Murphy – Labour

Previous claims for allowances and expenses by candidates in public or elected office are now available here.

Sir Graham Bright was chosen as the replacement candidate on 7 September, at a meeting attended by Cambridgeshire Conservative members who had, at best 4 days notice, including the other candidates, Shona Johnston and Darren Tysoe. Police Authority member John Pye had been chosen by a postal-ballot of party members as the Conservative Candidate, but then it all went wrong. Former Leader of Cambridgeshire County Council Shona Johnstone had been shortlisted first time round for the Conservative nomination, along with former-MP Sir Graham. Cllr Johnstone had been shortlisted despite being charged with criminal damage, which came to trial after the selection, and would have rendered her ineligible to stand. In the end she was found not guilty, but the CPS sneaked in a charge of careless cycling at the last minute. This conviction would not have disqualified her. It is not known whether this has impacted on the selection decision. See here for more TopOfTheCops comment on this issue.

Steve Count was also seeking the Conservative nomination and Peterborough Today said that Cllr Matthew Lee (Conservative), Deputy Leader of Peterborough City Council had considered standing for the role.

Ed Murphy was elected as the Labour candidate with 265 votes in the postal ballot, against 241 votes for Police Authority chair Ruth Rogers.

Paul Bullen will be standing for UKIP.

Stephen Goldspink has been selected by the English Democrats.

Ansar Ali will be standing as an Independent.

The Hunts Post says former Councillor Paul Dakers from St Ives wrote to them to say he was hoping to stand as an Independent.

Lord Toby Jug, local leader of the Monster Raving Loony Party, has said he will be standing.

Farooq Mohamed has joined the race as an Independent.

Here are R Taylor’s notes of discussions about the Police and Crime Panel.

6 Responses to Cambridgeshire

  1. marco says:

    Left wing Labour Spokesperson for Peterborough Ed Murphy is the Labour and Co operative front runner

    • Steve says:

      Well he won’t be winning. Glad He’s the best Labour can offer. Fingers crossed for a good Independant or non mainstream candidate!

  2. Ed Murphy says:

    Evening all. I spoke to staff groups before this weekends privatisation story broke and have arranged to meet with the Police Branch Sec this week. We do not have to privatise this service and privatisation does not mean savings – just look at the railways or the expensive health and school PFI’s. If you want to make savings scrap the expensive reforms and look at regionalisation of police services. If elected I will not take the full salary but will use it to fund crime prevention and put in place a process for the public to access the budget to deliver crime reduction projects that work.

  3. Chris Storry says:

    Graham Bright is looking to get the Conservative ticket for this.

    • samchapman says:

      Yes – haven’t put my tweet from this morning up yet, but it was – “Sir Graham Bright, Shona Johnstone and John Pye are the Shortlisted Cambridgeshire Conservatives for Police and Crime Commissioner”

  4. Jimpson says:

    Sir Graham Bright engages with the public !!!!

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