Candidates may spend up to £140,496 during the election period for this £75,000 post

Statement of Persons Nominated

Sir Clive Loader – Conservative – Website

Suleman Nagdi– Independent – Website

Sarah Russell – Labour – Website


The race for PCC is Leicestershire started slowly with two people, but on 20 February heated up with the Leicester Mercury naming 6 more candidates for the post. In April the Labour side narrowed to one. The line-up is :-

Labour have chosen Sarah Russell as their candidate. The Leicester Mercury had said that “Labour candidates will be interviewed by the party’s East Midlands hierarchy and the winner will be decided by a ballot of party members, possibly by the end of May.” The selection in April seems to have been done without a vote of Labour members, suggesting Russell was the only candidate to make the shortlist. Ominously the Leicester Mercury article announcing her nomination says that a Labour source predicted her selection earlier this year. Are they trying to tell us something about this selection?

Leicester City Councillor Sundip Meghani was openly considering a run, but announced he wouldn’t, just a few days after Liberal England reminded everyone of his previous support for capital punishment. Are these things related? Is support for hanging beyond the pale in Labour?

Fellow Leicester City Councillor Wayne Naylor and had confirmed he was a candidate, as did County Councillor Jewel Miah, leader of Charnwood Borough Council’s Labour group.

Recently retired Air Chief Marshall Sir Clive Loader, a parish councillor in Wing, Rutland, has been chosen as the Conservative candidate

County Councillors Nick RushtonJoe Orson and Rosita Page also were rumoured as interested in the Conservative nomination.

Rick Moore has pulled out of the race to be Leicestershire’s PCC, saying an independent has “no chance”. David Bowley was to stand as an Independent, but didn’t. Suleman Nagdi did.

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