Candidates may spend up to £126,520 during the election period for this £75,000 post

Statement of Persons Nominated

Godfrey Bloom – UKIP – Website

Simone Butterworth – Liberal Democrats – Website

Paul Davison – Independent – Website

Neil Eyre – Independent – Website –  TopOfTheCops Candidate Statement

Matthew Grove – Conservative – Website

John Prescott – Labour – Website

Walter Sweeney – Independent – Website

Lord Prescott was selected as the Labour party candidate after a close fight with former police chief Keith Hunter, finishing with a vote that saw Prescott win against the political rookie by only 552 votes to 458. The party had shortlisted former MP Ian Cawsey, but he went and got a job, so withdrew. Mr Hunter was formerly Hull’s Chief Superintendent and retired from the force to stand. He told the Hull Daily Mail “You have to deliver outcomes for the law-abiding. I haven’t got any sympathy for criminals, I have sympathy for the victims of crime. I don’t want to understand why criminals commit offences, I want criminals to understand what impact their offending has on their victims.” Here is his Candidate Statement for , here is his contribution to our ‘Risking It All’ series, and here is his website. Kudos to Richard Littlejohn who says any documentary about Commissioner Two Jags would have to be called Life on Mars Bars! Lord Mayor of Hull Colin Inglis and Arlene Branton were rumoured to be applying but Inglis did not make it even on to Labour’s “long list”. Humberside Police Authority have a section on their website about Police and Crime Commissioners. They also have some survey results online that suggest that 43% of the local populace support the new post and 78% say they are likely to vote in the election. We guess those questions backfired!

2 Responses to Humberside

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  2. S Hurst says:

    Why has this backfired? Less than half support the idea but when iimplemented why shouldn’t they have the opportunity to vote?

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