Statement of Persons Nominated

Robert Evans – Labour – WebsiteTopOfTheCops Candidate Statement

Kevin Hurley – Zero Tolerance Policing ex Chief – WebsiteTopOfTheCops Candidate Statement

Julie Iles – Conservative – WebsiteTopOfTheCops Candidate Statement

Nick O’Shea – Liberal Democrat – Website – TopOfTheCops Candidate Statement

Robert Shatwell – UKIP – Website

Peter Williams – Independent – WebsiteTopOfTheCops Candidate Statement

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Initially, it was a long time before Surrey had any declared candidates, and I wondered whether anyone in Surrey could afford the pay cut.

But then, on 14 March, Michael Crick reported that Humfrey Malins, the former Conservative MP, was more than likely to have a go, which he duly did, and was shortlisted for the Conservative nomination along with Julie Iles and Howard Jones. Mr Malins then withdrew and Julie Iles has been selected as the Conservative Candidate.

Robert Evans was the only Labour candidate to make the shortlist.

Nick O’Shea is the Lib-Dem candidate.

The BBC had former soldier, Paul Clarke, and the chairman of the Surrey Police Authority, Peter Williams, as Independent candidates. Clarke was not nominated.

A 14th August protest at Downing Street revealed one new candidateex-cop Kevin Hurley, standing on a Zero Tolerance ticket.

Surrey Police Authority have a PCC transition page on their website.

2 Responses to Surrey

  1. Mel Lewis says:

    Why are there no links to Bob Shatwell’s UKIP page…

    • samchapman says:

      Perhaps in the 8 months we’ve been here he has not mentioned the site to us, and we’re not psychic.

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