Candidates may spend up to £106,888 during the election period for this £70,000 post

Statement of Persons Nominated

Andy Canning – Liberal Democrat – Website

Nick King – Conservative – Website

Rachel Rogers – Labour – Website

Martyn Underhill – Independent – Website

Nick King, a Conservative councillor for Bournemouth and member of the Dorset Police Authority, has been chosen as the party’s candidate, beating Crown Prosecutor Tim O’Sullivan, and Cllr Angus Campbell, Leader of Dorset County Council.

Rachel Rogers was the only Labour hopeful to survive the shortlisting process and so has been adopted as the party’s candidate.

Former Detective Chief Inspector Martyn Underhill announced he was standing as an Independent, and was described as teaming up with Simon Weston to keep the politics out of policing. Simon Weston has since withdrawn from the South Wales contest but Martyn continues.

Cllr Janet Dover, leader of the Liberal Democrat group on Dorset County Council, said she would consider standing for the role if asked, but adds “at this moment in time I have not been asked and I may not ever be.” They went with Andy Canning,

Bournemouth Cllr David Smith and former Poole councillor Don Collier ruled themselves out. Former Chief Constable Jane Stichbury was been suggested as an independent candidate, but there was never any evidence beyond the suggestion.

Dorset Police Authority have a page on their site for anyone interested.

Articles in the press:-

The Bournemouth Echo

2 Responses to Dorset

  1. Mumbo says:

    Nick King now has a PCC campaign blog set up on WordPress at:

  2. Joe Bloggs says:

    Martyn Underhill also has a campaign website at:

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