Candidates may spend up to £83,681 during the election period for this £70,000 per annum post.

Statement of Persons Nominated

Kevin Carroll – British Freedom Party – Website

Linda Jack – Liberal Democrats – Website

Olly Martins – Labour and Co-operative- Website

Jas Parmar – Conservative & Unionist – Website – TopOfTheCops Candidate Statement

Mezanur Rashid – Independent

Previous expenses and allowances claimed by candidates in public or elected office are now available here.

Jas Parmar has been chosen as the Conservative candidate. Also shortlisted was Bernard Rix, who has a professional history as an advisor to police. Richard Stay, member of Central Bedfordshire Council, was expected to seek the Conservative nomination said Michael Crick, but withdrew from the race for family reasons.

Olly Martins was elected as the Labour candidate with 511 votes from party members in the postal ballot, against 190 votes received by former Chair of Bedfordshire Police Authority and former Councillor Adrian Heffernan.

A third member of the Labour shortlist, Home Office civil servant Simon Bullock, withdrew when the Civil Service decided the PCC race was national rather than local politics, and therefore prohibited to Civil Servants.

Kevin Carroll, co-leader of the English Defence League is standing under the auspices of the British Freedom party, and is seeking to raise the £5,000 deposit online.

Bedfordshire Police Authority website for the Police and Crime Commissioner transition

Dunstable Today reports the election will be overseen by Luton Borough Council.

2 Responses to Bedfordshire

  1. George Whale says:

    Dear Editor, Please find up to date details for Kevin Carroll, British Freedom candidate for Bedfordshire, here: and (P.S. He has now raised his deposit.)

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