Candidates may spend up to £151,378 during the election period for this £75,000 post

Statement of Persons Nominated

Sherma Batson – Labour – Website

David Lloyd – Conservative – Website

Marion Mason – UKIP – TopOfTheCops Candidate Statement

Christopher Townsend – Liberal Democrat – Website

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Michael Crick said that David Lloyd, deputy leader of Hertfordshire Council, was expected to get the Conservative nomination, and he was right in the end. The process eliminated, among others, Dr Rachel Frosh and Richard Stratton, whose Candidate Statement for TopOfTheCops is here, and whose blog is here. The selection included a set of ‘primaries’ open to the public on 3, 4, 9 and 12 July – details here.

The Labour nomination was ‘uncontested’, making Stevenage Councillor Sherma Batson the party’s candidate.

The LibDems are ‘confirming’ their candidate, but it’s not Hertfordshire County Councillor Ron Tindall as was first thought.

Hertfordshire Police Authority have a page about the Police and Crime Commissioner post on their website.

Written evidence to the House of Commons from Hertfordshire Probation Trust shows it is not just the police and police authorities who are watching closely – the Trust say of the potential for establishing a Reducing Reoffending Board (at point 5) that “There is the potential to link this to the role of the forthcoming Police & Crime Commissioner, but care would need to be given that it was not dominated by a single agency perspective.” Is this a worry that in practice accountability and mandate will extend beyond the police and into ‘crime’ more generally?

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