Candidates may spend up to £234,412 during the election period for this £85,000 post

Statement of Persons Nominated

Nick Alston – Conservative – Website

Linda Belgrove – Independent – Website

Val Morris-Cook – Labour

Andrew Smith – UKIP

Mick Thwaites – Independent – Website

Robin Tilbrook – English Democrats –  ‘More Police – Catching Criminals’ – Website


Nicholas Alston CBE is a former senior Civil Servant in defence and security. John Flack, a Chartered Surveyor/property professional, and Tom Fleetwood, the former Commander of the Colchester Garrison also stood for the Conservative nomination, and I understand the result was very close, including a recount on the STV voting system.

Meanwhile former Chief Superintendent Mick Thwaites declared his interest in running as an independent in a news article with lots of criticism of the use of cautions and the impact of detection rates on policing.

Deputy Leader of Thurrock Council Val Morris-Cook won the Labour nomination with 449 votes to 355 for Chairman of Colchester Labour Party, 28 year-old Jordan Newell. Here is a photo of them together.

Robin Tilbrook, chairman of the nationalist English Democrats, said he would run for the Essex job, right after he finished running for Mayor Of London, which he didn’t expect to win, but would be standing for in order to get the Party Political Broadcast! However, he then failed to appear as a candidate for Mayor of London.

Linda Belgrove was an Independent Member of the Police Authority.

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4 Responses to Essex

  1. I have formally declared my intention to run as a candidate for the role of Elected Police and Crime Commissioner for Essex. I believe the people of Essex deserve a real choice of someone that is independent, not driven by thin majorities, party manifesto’s or political ambition, simply wants the people of Essex to have a real voice at the centre of policing. If elected I will ensure the many millions of pounds, spent on policing Essex, are spent efficiently delivering what the people of Essex want and agree are their priorities.

  2. michael coughtrey says:

    Hi! Mick. The election of a Police Commissioner is the biggest political disaster since the Poll Tax.
    Who in their right mind would allow inexperienced members of the public to stand for such an important post. The idea of a Commissioner is a good one if that person was someone like a
    Magistrate who has an understanding of the police, the public and the law. The French have an excellent system along these lines. The last person the public need to sort out complaints against the police is anyone who has been a police officer. Michael Coughtrey.

  3. Keith Mackman says:

    Given that the Conserative party campaigned against AV quite strongly last year it raises the question as to why STV was considered appropriate for selecting a candidate with our endorsement. If first past the post is considered satisfactory for selecting those that will form our government it should be good enough for distinguishing political appointees who will then challenge for election to a role that has yet to establish itself in the public perception. My interest in the process diminished exponentially when I learned of the voting analysis.

  4. ukiplocal says:

    I am not sure why you have not got a full list of candidates. Andrew Smith been a declared candidate for several weeks.

    Andrew Smith
    UK Independence Party

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