South Wales

Statement of Persons Nominated

Mike Baker – Independent – Website

Caroline Jones – Welsh Conservative

Alun Michael – Labour – Website

Tony Verderame – Independent


Alun Michael (former First Minister) was selected as the Labour party candidate in a member ballot where he won 1,142 votes to Councillor Paul Cannon’s 1,058 votes. Mr Michael had said he would step down as an MP if nominated by Labour. Former police Inspector Paul Cannon QPM gave TopOfTheCops this Candidate Statement.

Falklands Hero Simon Weston intended to run as an Independent, but ran into trouble due to a conviction for being found in a stolen vehicle when he was a teenager. He was allegedly reassured by the government that this would not be an issue, despite just about every lawyer who looked at it thinking that it clearly ruled him out. A week after this he then withdrew from the contest saying it had become too political.

Michael Baker then entered the race as an Independent. He is a retired police officer, qualified barrister, and practicing solicitor.

Antonio (Tony) Verderame will also stand as an Independent.

2 Responses to South Wales

  1. Max Wallis says:

    Simon Weston is excluded because of a minor offence in his youth. But what of an MP who made huge claims on expenses (flipping place of residence, employing relatives etc.). If aggressive tax avoidance is morally unacceptable (says the PM) what of aggressive expenses claims?

    • samchapman says:

      Keep your eyes on TopOfTheCops for a new feature premiering this weekend (hopefully).

      It will be rolled out alphabetically, so will take a while to get to South Wales, but I think you’ll like it, and there’s a way you can take part.

      Oh – and don’t tell anyone – it’s a surprise!

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