South Yorkshire

Candidates may spend up to £178,837 during the election period for this £85,000 post

Statement of Persons Nominated

David Allen – English Democrats – “More Police – Catching Criminals!”

Jonathan Arnott – UKIP – Website

Nigel Bonson – Conservative – Website – TopOfTheCops Candidate Statement

Robert Teal – Liberal Democrat

Shaun Wright – Labour – Website

Labour chose Councillor Shaun Wright, a member of South Yorkshire Police Authority from Rotherham after a ballot involving Kash Walayat OBE, who gave up his Civil Service job to stand for the role, Anglican priest and former Sheffield Council deputy leader Canon Dr Alan Billings, and the force’s former chief constable Meredydd Hughes.

The Labour application process closed on 29 February. Nadeem Walayat took the view there was a 70% chance that the Labour candidate will get elected in South Yorkshire, and comments on what they should be looking for in a candidate. You may note the similarity between his last name, and that of one of the shortlisted candidates – his brother!

Gillian Radcliffe, a Communications professional with a background in policing and at the Home Office, announced she was standing as an Independent. She gave TopOfTheCops this Candidate Statement, but has now announced her withdrawal, citing a fresh appreciation of the cost of a worthwhile bid. She says that people have urged her to stand anyway as a paper candidate (i.e. with her name on the ballot paper, but no real effort to secure victory), but this would still cost £5,000.

South Yorkshire Police Authority site have a PCC transition site here.

Media Coverage

The Yorkshire Post made an early identification of the possible contenders.

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