Candidates may spend up to £141,933 during the election period for this £75,000 post.

Statement of Persons Nominated

Alan Charles – Labour – Website

David Gale – UKIP

Rod Hutton – Independent

Simon Spencer – Conservative – Website

Charles Swabey was nominated as an Independent but withdrew saying that he did not want to divide the Independent vote.

Alan Charles, Deputy Chairman of the Police Authority, was selected as the Labour candidate after receiving 695 votes in the postal ballot. Also shortlisted were Hardyal Dhindsa, a Derby City Councillor who received 365 votes, and Kathryn Salt, a former Euro candidate in East Midlands and former Amber Valley Councillor who received 133 votes.

Mr Charles announced his withdrawal from the race, believing himself to be disqualified by a conviction from his youth 47 years ago, and Cllr Dhindsa got ready to take his place, but on learning that a conditional discharge did not always count as a conviction, the party reinstated Mr Charles. A few weeks later, as journalists turned their attention elsewhere, Mr Charles announced that his court appearance was due to his theft of a woman’s purse from her handbag while she was shopping.

Steve Spear was quoted as interested by This is Derbyshire, who saw him as an “expert in crime”. Mr Spear “has been head of policy for Nottinghamshire Police Authority’s change team and director of strategy and commissioning at the Nottingham Crime and Drugs Partnership, where he said he helped reduce crime by 50% from 2003 to 2010.” Mr Spear’s LinkedIn profile lists an association with the Labour party, but he was not shortlisted.

Meanwhile, the same article says Derbyshire Police Authority Chairman Councillor Philip Hickson (Conservative) was considering running, but only if it is a “non-party political” role. Mr Spear was challenging Cllr Hickson on levels of crime reduction in different areas.

Simon Spencer, is Deputy Leader of Derbyshire County Council.

The Police Foundation were approached by Richard Bright as another Conservative candidate, and Kevin Miller, whose affiliation they did not mention, but this suggests he is also a Conservative.

This is Derbyshire Police Authority’s page on PCCs.

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