West Mercia

Candidates may spend up to £168,735 during the election period for this £75,000 post

Statement of Persons Nominated

Adrian Blackshaw – Conservative – Website

Bill Longmore – Independent – Website

Simon Murphy – Labour

Michael Crick reported that former MEP Simon Murphy wanted to stand for Labour, and then he reached the Labour shortlist unopposed. Is he the same Simon Murphy listed here as presenting to the Mid Worcestershire and West Worcestershire Labour Party on the topic of “Police and Crime Commissioners – The Ultimate Cop-Out?”?

The Conservatives have chosen Adrian Blackshaw, Councillor and Cabinet Member in North Herefordshire, as their candidate, meaning that the other rumoured Conservative candidates in the paragraphs below are now included here for historical interest.

Former police officer William Longmore is standing as an Independent.

The Shropshire Star identify Des Parkinson, a retired chief superintendent with Dyfed-Powys Police, as wanting the Conservative nomination. The article claims the former national secretary of the Police Superintendents Association was involved in the creation of the Sex Offenders Register, the ban on handguns following the Dunblane tragedy in 1996, and the overturning of the double jeopardy law, enabling convictions for the murder of Stephen Lawrence.

Crick also mentions Adrian Hardman, leader of Worcestershire county council, and Keith Barrons, leader of Shropshire council, as possible Conservative nominees.

2 Responses to West Mercia

  1. John Ross says:

    Even Conservative supporters think the Conservatives had made a dog’s breakfast of running Herefordshire Council, so why anyone should vote for one of their councillors to run the police, beats me. Just read the Hereford Times for a weekly update on how hopeless they are.

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