Thames Valley

Candidates may spend up to £303,303 during the election period for this £85,000 per annum post.

Statement of Persons Nominated

Patience Awe – Independent – Facebook

Barry Cooper – UKIP – Website – TopOfTheCops Candidate Statement

Geoff Howard – Independent – Profile on

John Howson – Liberal Democrat – Website

Anthony Stansfeld – Conservative – Website

Tim Starkey – Labour – Website


Anthony Stansfeld has been selected as the Conservative candidate, prevailing against Councillor David Burbage, the Leader of Windsor and Maidenhead Borough Council, who launched his campaign the day before going to the ACPO conference as a PCC panellist nominated by the Conservative party. Keiron Mallon also ran, before withdrawing when he realised an old conviction rendered him ineligible. Former police officer Darren Jaundrill launched a website in support of his application for the Conservative nomination, but was not shortlisted by the party.

Tim Starkey, whose website is here, received 614 votes in the Labour members’ ballot, beating Jon Harvey who received 590 votes. Harvey is a Labour Town Councillor in Buckingham and frequent commentator on the Police and Crime Commissioner elections, and losing by 24 votes makes it possibly the closest Labour contest.

The Police Foundation listed a Gurcham Singh of the ‘Police and Crime Commissioners Authority Board” as a candidate, but he was not nominated.

Martin Young said he was standing as an Independent Candidate. After a dispute with a Council Officer he acquired a conditional discharge and lost his gun collection, which raised questions about his eligibility, but he withdrew from the contest for other reasons.

Khan Juna withdrew.

1 Response to Thames Valley

  1. I was honoured to have got through the sift and be invited to the national panels. It just wasn’t to be. I won’t rule out running as an independent but it would take quite some convincing me that it’s the right thing to do. For now I hope to shape the debate, keep the candidates honest and make sure we get substance not just rhetoric.

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