West Yorkshire

Candidates may spend up to £287,255 during the election period for this £100,000 post.

Statement of Persons Nominated

Mark Burns-Williamson – Labour – Website

Geraldine Carter – Conservative – Website

Cedric Christie – Independent – Website – TopOfTheCops Candidate Statement

Andrew Marchington – Liberal Democrat – Website

Police authority chairman Mark Burns-Williamson reached the Labour shortlist unopposed.

Geraldine Carter has been selected as the Conservative candidate.

Former chief constable and Tony Blair’s Drug Tsar Keith Hellawell was interested in standing as an independent, though he thinks this makes him the underdog. We Brits do love an underdog. We hoped a Keith Halliwell living in West Yorkshire would run? Perhaps that is why Hellawell is no longer running.

Richard Bartlett decided not to run.

Media Coverage

The Yorkshire Post on Burns-Williamson as a rumoured candidate.

4 Responses to West Yorkshire

  1. TJ says:

    I find it kind of strange that Burns-Williamson, who I concede is reputed to be a good Police Authority Chairman, should wish to seek the nomination for an office that he wholly disagrees with?

    • Richard Bartlett says:

      yes, bizzare that MBW should seek the post. Also why have the reforms in the first place if we end up with the same people in the same jobs? Also a good authority chair does not a good PCC make….
      Richard Bartlett

  2. ed says:

    Think MBW would be a good PCC he has had plenty of experience after 10 years on PA and is used to dealing with with Local police matters. Police service going through big change and needs continuity and consistency which MBW would provide.

  3. ed says:

    Who is Richard Bartlett?..

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