Candidates may spend up to £120,662 during the election period for this £70,000 per annum post.

Statement of Persons Nominated

Jamie Athill – Conservative – Website – TopOfTheCops Candidate Statement

Stephen Bett – Independent – Website

James Joyce – Liberal Democrat

Steve Morphew – Labour – Website

Matthew Smith – UKIP


Jamie Athill was selected as the Conservative Candidate after two open meetings in Norwich and Swaffham. My guess on the other three shortlisted candidates was proven right! – Simon Woodbridge former Leader of Broadland District Council, Stephen Bett and Paul Rice.

Steve Morphew is the Labour candidate having beaten Stephen Burker by 337 votes to 232.

Mervyn Lambert intended to stand but has now withdrawn.

2 Responses to Norfolk

  1. Colin Noble says:

    Hi I am Colin Noble , Norfolk and Suffolk Consaervatives Area Chairman and I thought I would just update you on the arrangments for saelecting the Conservative Cabdidate for the PCC elections.

    The Candidates for the Norfolk Open Primary (as you say our version of an open Primary) are Jamie Athill, Paul Rice, Simon Woodbrige, and Stephen Bett.

    The meetings will take place on Saturday 28th July in Norwich in the morning amd Swaffham in the afternoon.

    If anyone woyld like to attend they can register with Ian Sherwood
    Contact no.               01760 721 241
    Email address: 
    Postal address:

    PCC Registration,
    Shirley House,
    23 London Street,
    PE 37 7DD
    Applicants must given the full name, address and email address, if they do not have an email address then their telephone number. And clearly state if they wish to attend the event in Norwich or Swaffham.

    Firstly let’s be clear as to who can register to attend, anyone who is a registered voter in Norfolk or in the very rare case someone who is a member of one of our Norfolk Conservative Associations but not registered to vote in Norfolk.
    The details of the venue will be emailed 48 hrs before the event.

    • I hope I’m the only one to read this, you either need a new keyboard or you need to utilise the spell checker on your PC. At first I thought it was a hoax posted by a Labour candidate to make the Conservatives look illiterate.

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