Candidates may spend up to £219,983 each during the election period for this £85,000 post.

Statement of Persons Nominated

Tony Armstrong – UKIP – Website

Katy Bourne – Conservative – Website

Ian Chisnall – Independent – WebsiteTopOfTheCops Candidate Statement

Godfrey Daniel – Labour – WebsiteTopOfTheCops Candidate Statement

David Rogers – Liberal Democrat – WebsiteTopOfTheCops Candidate Statement

Compare with this area on ChooseMyPCC, Your NextPCC and PoliceElections

Katy Bourne was selected as the Conservative Candidate. Here is some independent local coverage of her selection from the Brighton and Hove news. She beat Peter Jones and Anthony Kimber, a former army officer who has a website here. Paul Dendle, Colin Field – (details of family charity here) and George Lee (former police Chief Inspector) were all longlisted but not shortlisted. Controversially, Sussex Police Authority chairman Steve Waight, was not put through to the selection panel. Rumour has it there were 12 candidates in total for the Conservative nomination.

Cllr Godfrey Daniels is the Labour candidate securing 679 against 554 for former Special Adviser to Hazel Blears Paul Richards who was also endorsed by former Home Secretary David Blunkett. TopOfTheCops had covered plans by Richards to ‘Buy British’ if elected here and here.

Andrew Smith had been seeking the Liberal Democrat nomination and gave TopOfTheCops this Candidate Statement.

Eastbourne Tory Councillor Nigel Goodyear resigned on 24 May, apparently from both the Council and the Conservative party in order to stand for PCC. Here is his website. On 25 August he announced his withdrawal from the race via the following Tweet to fellow Independent Ian Chisnall “@Ian4PCC Hi Ian, just to let you know that I’m not proceeding with pcc nomination; family and work pressures have taken their toll?”, and said he would continue to Tweet from an Independent perspective.

Michael Crick reported a run by Phillip Jones, a Brighton street pastor, but if you see below, it’s possible he’s got a bit confused. Well, he’s only just got used to not being on Newsnight – maybe the new shifts don’t suit him?

Matt Taylor, was standing for his S.O.S. party, but a conviction in the miltary had an uncertain effect, and in the end he decided not to pay the deposit and to instead urge voters to spoil their papers by writing S.O.S. on them, which he thinks could help him win by default.

David Joe Neilson (I don’t know why he uses all his given names) was supposedly standing independently to clean up Sussex police, who clearly don’t impress him.

The manifestos of the last two ‘candidates’ were curiously similar.

26 Responses to Sussex

  1. ianchisnall says:

    Sam, your information was correct – please don’t rely on Michael Crick who is misquoting my own background and an as yet unknown Philip Jones. I am the Street Pastor from Brighton and can confirm that Philip Jones is not one of our number

  2. Jon Collins says:

    Phillip Jones has confirmed to the Police Foundation that he is running as in independent in Sussex.

  3. Hi, when will we know who are the Labour and Conservative nominations??

    • samchapman says:

      Labour – 15 June.
      Conservatives – not known, but have heard it could be mid-July.

      • miriamspeakupforum says:

        Thanks! We (SpeakUp Forum) are doing some work to support voluntary and communtiy sector in Sussex to have a dialogue with the PCC (to start with the candidiates), as part of the national Home Office supported programme Safer Future Communities. We will soon have more info on and on Twitter.

  4. Claire says:

    Candidates all seem to be from the coastal towns – isn’t anyone from the north of Sussex running? Would be great to see someone come forward who will pledge not to forget us in the often assumed “wealthy” rural north towns.

    • ianchisnall says:

      Hi Claire, clearly as a Brightonian I cannot prove my inland and rural understanding. However like all candidates I will need (in October) to submit the names of 100 people who have confidence in my candidacy. As an Independent I cannot rely on 100 party members to sign my form so before I began I contacted 100 people who do know me and who I judge most people will know of the work they do. These endorsements are from all parts of Sussex and I am happy if you let me know the nearest town to your interests, to let you know the names of some of these folk near you so you can be reassured I am not Brighton centric in my work or interests.

  5. Hi Claire, Although presently living in Hastings, I used to live in Frant – just this side of the Kent border and previously, as a student, in the Brighton & Hove. Sussex has many different communities, often with differing needs, and I, for one, will seek to ensure that all residents get a first class service from the Sussex Police – despite the savage Con-led government cuts!

  6. Godfrey Daniel has a website setting out his priorities too –

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  8. Anke says:

    Any news on Matt Taylor? Will he stand? Appreciate some information. Thanks, Anke

    • samchapman says:

      Only Matt can answer that. I think he is still campaigning, but I don’t see how will qualify.

  9. michael coughtrey says:

    ‘Brighton Scandal’ will be giving a full report on the main candidates. It will be interesting to see how that compares to reports from other websites.

  10. caeos says:

    why is mr taylor disqualified?
    beyond using the same hosting sites, spelling and other similarities with my neilson

    • samchapman says:

      There was a query over a military conviction. Mr Taylor insists that he is not disqualified.

  11. The independent candidates have a hard enough time as it is and suggestions of being disqualified, made without proof, are not helpfull.

  12. Surprised to see that you have not picked up my website at Confirmed as UKIP PCC candidate for Sussex on 9 Oct. FYI Matt Taylor has said publicly at least twice that he will not be putting up a £5000 deposit, but would like voters to spoil their ballot papers with “SOS”, and hopes to be elected by default.

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  14. safersussex says:

    For information, the statement from David Rogers, Lib Dem Candidate for Police and Crime Commissioner in Sussex can be found here:

  15. Have you heard the latest?

    Katy Bourne promises to refund PCSO’s their Council Tax…..

    Is it just me or:
    1. As elected PCC she hasn’t got the power to refund anyone’s Council Tax (unless she’ll pay it out of her £85,000 a year wage)
    2. Why shouldn’t the nurses, police officers, teachers, bin men get the same rewards? Aren’t their contributions to society any less?


    If you like this comment please check out my PCC campaign at
    With under 2 weeks to vote, its time to get informed.

    • samchapman says:

      My understanding is that a Billing authority can discount Council Tax for defined groups if they like, and a PCC could offer the police element of that discount. It may not be simply down to the PCC alone but is possible and has happened already in certain areas.

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