Retread or Retreat-Ed? Tony Lloyd MP for GMP Commissioner?

The MEN today listed Chair of the Parliamentary Labour Party, Tony Lloyd MP as set to enter the race for Police and Crime Commissioner in Greater Manchester. If elected, he would have to stand down from Parliament, where he has been for 28 years. The paper says “Sources within the Labour party told the M.E.N: “Tony is seriously considering standing and will be making a decision within the next week or so.”” and adds that Labour is expected to declare its candidates in June.

By happy coincidence, today also saw the London Evening Standard report an expected ‘exodus’ of Labour heavyweights readying to take flight from Parliament toward jobs as elected Mayors or Police and Crime Commissioners, having concluded that the future with Ed Miliband does not look so bright.

What do you think? Is Parliament’s loss localism’s gain? Or vice versa?

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