HuffPost Tory source tells all

The Huffington Post has published an article revealing details from ‘a senior Tory source’ about the potential group of Conservative candidates for Police and Crime Commissioner. Edited highlights as follows, with commentary:-

  • Number 10 are disappointed with the general quality of candidates. Over three quarters have a background in Police Authorities.
  • Constituency Associations are angered by suggestions they should pay £5,000 each for open public selection meetings, and the campaign that follows. Do they even have this money available?
  • 220 potential candidates have registered with the Conservatives so far – many more than have declared openly, or been rumoured about – over 165 would have police authority backgrounds.
  • High-fliers found the up-to-£100k pay package unattractive.
  • Colonel Tim Collins is thought to have withdrawn his candidacy – as he would be expected to work full-time in this one role. Update. He has since denied this to Michael Crick, who is sceptical about the chances of Collins running.
  • Home Secretary Theresa May is believed to be lukewarm about the reform

There is much more in the report, so take a look.

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