First mention of hanging in Police and Crime Commissioner elections

Leicester City Councillor Sundip Meghani was openly considering a run for the Labour nomination in Leicestershire, but has announced that he will not run after all, as he enjoys his Councillor role too much, and has decided his reservations about the Commissioner position mean he couldn’t do the job in good conscience.

His announcement comes just a few days after Liberal England reminded everyone of his previous support for capital punishment. Are these things related? Is support for hanging fatal to a potential candidate’s chances of being selected by Labour members?

Even if Cllr Meghani’s statement is taken at face value, it raises questions for other candidates who have staunchly opposed the transition to elected police chiefs. If he couldn’t do the job in good conscience, how could they?

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2 Responses to First mention of hanging in Police and Crime Commissioner elections

  1. jonsharvey says:

    I think if staunchly opposing new forms of governance precludes you from the standing for the new bodies once they come into existence – there would be far fewer councillors on unitary councils. fewer members in the Welsh Assembly and Scottish Parliament etc etc….

  2. samchapman says:

    There’s a difference between it precluding you from standing, and it impacting on your credibility. Cllr Meghani’s point seems to be that it would trouble his conscience. I suppose for some it would be a question of “I had worries about this post, but most of my worries were about other people doing it.”

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