What do you want to know?

I’ve been talking to the folk at CREST Advisory, a consultancy seeking to support PCC Candidates, and they intend to be generating some news for us all to discuss. They are in the process of commissioning an opinion poll looking at public awareness of PCC elections and other matters.

But what other matters?

Well, that’s sort of up to you. They’ve kindly agreed to listen to views from the TopOfTheCops community before finalising their list of questions. So, what do you want to know? Let CREST know by emailing them here. Let us all know by commenting below.

I pitched for asking people what problems with local criminal justice they wanted the Commissioner to fix, as I think the ‘and Crime’ end of the role is being ignored, but that idea was off the top of my head, and I’m sure you can do better.

Health Warning – there isn’t room for many questions, so only the best will do. Also, this is a national survey, and will not have sufficient respondents to say anything at all about any particular locality.

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2 Responses to What do you want to know?

  1. Gavin says:

    Sam – we appreciate you asking this question on your blog – thank you.

    We are standing by to hear what suggestions your readers have.


  2. – What more can be done to tackle specifically the ~fear~ of crime?
    – Given that money and resources are tight, what should the police ~stop~ doing in your opinion?
    – What is the ~best~ thing that the police do for you?

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