Make the vote!

As further proof that Lancashire is the connected part of the Police and Crime Commissioner world, see this video from Lancashire Police Authority. I say ‘further’ in reference to Blackpool Councillor Chris Maughan’s ‘666’ and other videos. Chris sadly didn’t make it past the Labour longlisting process, so those of you who like a short film with your interweb may have been worried about a diet of text from here to November, but fear not – in celebration of the new Lancs PCC website, there’s this video. The site itself is so new it hasn’t passed its final testing yet, but some wag found the video on YouTube and soon it was all over twitter, so I couldn’t deny you the pleasure from moving from ‘reader’ to ‘viewer’.

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2 Responses to Make the vote!

  1. Miranda Carruthers-Watt says:

    Thanks Sam,
    Glad you like it! We are keen to make sure that everyone in Lancashire knows about the election and has an opportunity to have their voice heard! We will be working closely with local media and after the May elections begin to get more information out to people on the process. As this is the biggest change in Policing Policy for some time, the Authority wants to make sure it discharges our duty of information and engagement with local people. By the way,someone made a suggestion of televised debate through the Local Media at a meeting I was at the other day. I did say that I thought that candidates would welcome chances for that sort of local debate on issues…was I right?
    Miranda Carruthers-Watt
    Chief Executive
    Lancashire Police Authorities

    • samchapman says:

      Nice try! I shall invite candidates to express their wishes in the comments section, as always. Sounds like it might be fun!

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