And Ken writes the second PCC manifesto.

They’re like London buses. No PCC manifestos and then suddenly, one after another. I’ll expect Paddick’s next.

Hot on the heels of Boris’s breakthrough Crime Manifesto, it’s Mr Livingstone, I presume.

Here are the highlights of Ken Livingstone’s Crime Manifesto:-

– A 999 pledge – increasing ‘more’ of the Safer Neighbourhood Teams from six and to nine officers, all with a sergeant to lead them, and a presence on the streets from 9am to 9pm.

– Reverse Boris Johnson’s Police Cuts – a FullFact factcheck makes this claim less than straightforward.

– A Victims’ Commissioner for London with online access for victims to progress reports on their case.

– A campaign against sexual harassment.

– A ‘repeat offenders unit’ at the Metropolitan Police to tackle reoffending.

– A Streetwatch pilot of civilian patrols in every ward in London.

– Lots of stuff on knife crime and girls in gangs.

So, looking at them both, everyone wants more cops. No-one is agreed on whether there are more or less under Boris, and everyone wants more from the populace, either in terms of citizen patrols, or more specials.

Discuss…preferably without partisan comments!

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1 Response to And Ken writes the second PCC manifesto.

  1. Looks like he’s promising everything – the happy freedom of opposition. He doesn’t say how he will enable recruiting to get the Met to match London’s ethnic diversity: London’s high house prices mean that many officers are not Londoners, but live in the commuter belt. Is he going to order quotas…?

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