A Holiday treat for fans of “The Thick of It”

I stumbled across some BBC filming a week ago in Westminster, and used a photo of Peter Capaldi practicing his lines as “Malcolm Tucker” to Armando Iannucci, who makes this stuff happen. My point was that passing American tourists had mistaken pretend politics for normal politics, and we should not make the same mistake with the Bradford West by-election result that no-one at the time understood.

Unbeknown to me, there turn out to be a whole bunch of people out there who follow Capaldi and co. religiously, and this was just what they wanted, and they want more. So, regular readers, please pause for the following three photos and think – this actually brings people who aren’t obsessed with Police and Crime Commissioners to a site that is just about them, and is one more push in raising the awareness about this election. Also, people who like comedy dressed as politics might also have an interest in real politics, which is sometimes funnier than you might think.

The photos:-

The set and crew

The context of the set (to the right of the first photo)

The actors in preparations

There would have been more, but a guy in a flasher-mac (!) was wandering around scowling at awkward members of the public innocently taking pictures, (well, OK, just me), and I honestly wasn’t trying to get in the way. Hope they live up to your expectations!

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2 Responses to A Holiday treat for fans of “The Thick of It”

  1. mona says:


  2. dotty says:

    Good Sir,


    What is this election wherof you speak? I am one of the ‘roo-loving-antipodean-RustyCrowe-fruitcake-contingent of the TTOI Fandom. Will it do that I now listen to Guardian politicis and media podcasts becuase of the show?

    Hope truth and justice win for you!

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