Say “No Way” to the L.G.A.?

The Association of Police Authorities has been commissioned by the Home Office to provide an interim successor organisation between the election of Police and Crime Commissioners in November and the end of their financial year next March.

This could provide some competition for the Local Government Association, who are already promoting a “Police and Crime Commissioners Association” but, as the A.P.A. have been commissioned by the Home Office, only the A.P.A. version will have places on the various national boards that need filling.

Of course, the A.P.A. don’t work out much better than the L.G.A. in terms of how historically supportive they haven’t been of the idea of Police and Crime Commissioners, and they are in discussion with the L.G.A. about possible joint working, so it might not be a competitive environment after all, unless the A.P.A. can resist the seduction.

I’m told there will be a proper launch once they’ve sorted out the details and thought of a name, so why not head over to the A.P.A. website, give them your idea for a name for an Association of Police And Crime Commissioners – oh, there’s one, APaCCs, catchy and not a massive change to their logo… and tell them what a bad idea it would be to fall under the L.G.A.’s spell.

Of course, there is always the secret third option of the PCCs setting up something themselves.

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1 Response to Say “No Way” to the L.G.A.?

  1. It should be left to the PCC,s to sort out as and when they are appointed,not for others to dictate.
    Mick Thwaites

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