Jon Harvey on the Blue Light Camp

Jon Harvey gives his personal perspective on the Blue Light Camp. Jon hopes to be the Labour candidate for Police and Crime Commissioner in the Thames Valley Police Area. If you have a perspective to share, let us know at

I was at the Blue Light Camp in Manchester yesterday with a bunch of very interesting folks exploring the application of Social Media to policing (etc.) – lots of useful comments and links to be found using #blcamp

I was there wearing my professional as opposed to political hat (although I did mention my other interest). Some very useful debates and I will blog about the session that I ran concerning the use to be made by PCC candidates before the election and then PCCs post election to engage with their local communities.

Some reflections:

  • Trust is a key aspect of social media – police and all others risk a great deal if they engage in deception
  • The 10th most tweeted account during the riots of last year was Greater Manchester Police (number one was the chap promoting the sweep up of the damage)
  • Twitter lists are a key way of curating the internet stream and pointing people in the direction of reliable sources of information
  • Unconferences need to return to their ‘Open Space’ source – the process could have been a tad less techy and more personable yesterday (but that is for another blog…)
  • I will give Angus Fox a plug as he is sooo keen that his app spreads wider than Surrey Police who are currently adopting it (see here and here for more info) – his work is worthy of your exploration

and finally a question left hanging in the session I ran:

Should Police Authorities be making arrangements now for hustings for the PCC candidates in their area? I may well ask this question of my Police Authority.

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1 Response to Jon Harvey on the Blue Light Camp

  1. In response to the question regarding arrangements for hustings, a Spokesperson for Lancashire Police Authority (LPA) said:
    “The question is an interesting one and arrangements for hustings events are on the LPA’s agenda as something we could potentially faciliate. However, we are currently in the process of identifying who should be responsible for such events. We will endeavour to update interested parties when we have more information.”

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