A personal note

This site has completed its first trimester. I must thank my loyal readership for coming back so often, and in particular a few dozen candidates from across the political spectrum for their contribution. I don’t know what you learn from me, but I’m learning more from you than I would ever have imagined.

In the next few days I hope to bring you some personal perspectives from candidates in more extreme personal circumstances, in the hope you can see what motivates them, how they think, and to give you empathy with some people who find themselves running for election, and therefore politicians. Empathy for politicians? Is there no end to my ambition? What’s next, world peace?

Well, before I get to world peace, I need to update you on my own situation. I’ve been open with you about my right-of-centre political standpoint, and my rumoured interest in the PCC post in Lancashire, but I’ve been puting a fair amount of energy into the local elections, and I know many of you have done the same. Now that is over, it’s time for something new to begin, namely my own campaign to be Lancashire’s first Police and Crime Commissioner. I have applied to be the Conservative candidate in my neck of the woods and that visit to Westminster that generated the ‘Malcolm Tucker’ shots was what happened when I went to Millbank for my interview. That seems to have gone well, as I have been added to a list of validated PCC candidates and now move to a local selection process. My campaign begins in earnest, and there’s even a website at Sam4Lancs.com One day there may even be a Candidate Statement here – I’ll need to come up with 400 words and a photo!

Sorry to puncture the suspense, but I wanted to reassure you that this site will continue as before – it will not be a campaign website for me or my party. It will continue to reflect my personal take on things, the news you come here for, and hopefully the experience of a diverse range of candidates. I have been impressed at the willingness of so many people from different parties to trust TopOfTheCops with their news and views, and hope we can continue to do that, because no doubt at least some of us will need to work together up to these elections and beyond.

One thing though. I can manage two websites. I can manage many different roles, and various metaphorical hats, but I don’t think I can do two active twitter accounts. It would confuse me endlessly, and possibly send me mad, or madder, depending on your point of view. So on Twitter it’s just me, whether I’m telling you about someone else’s campaign, or going on about my own. Either way I hope not to be too partisan. It just turns people off.

P.S. I understand that many of you cannot honestly wish me ‘good luck’. Clearly your honesty is the only thing that’s stopping you!


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6 Responses to A personal note

  1. ianchisnall says:

    Hi Sam
    I am as you know fully commited to the cause of Independent Police and Crime Commissioners as being the best way of fixing what is otherwise a much weaker role. That said even in my wildest imaginations I doubt we will see any more than 10-15% of Independent PCC’s. That is as much a challenge of finding people with the right credentials and ability who are willing to make the risk even greater by not taking a party political shilling, as it is the crushing power of the political parties in and of themselves.

    However clearly what is needed in each of the 41 areas is the right person for the job. You have already worked incredibly hard to promote the role (sadly not something the Government have helped with – we still wait for the guidance for an election which your own blog points out should have taken place last Thursday). I hope that you continue to work hard and as a regular visitor to the bordering force area, if we both get elected I look forward to meeting you to discuss how things are going in Lancashire.

    Have a great campaign.

    • samchapman says:

      Thanks Ian, That’s very gracious of you. I hope, in turn, that party candidates will be more independent characters – that they represent their party, i.e. the varied group of people who are happy to be classed together, rather than their party’s organisation. I think Boris shows that this is not only the right thing to do, it also works.

  2. I can honestly wish you good luck in your internal selection process Sam – but of course I will not want you to win the PCC election in November! But I wish you well – and I hope you enjoy the next few months as much as I plan to – getting out and about etc.

  3. Peter Walker says:

    Sam – My best wishes to you as you take your candidacy forward. Good Luck and well done for creating a “go to” website which has become one of the best resources about the PCC elections.

  4. Sam, the very best of luck. And indeed to anyone standing for this role. It is a pivotal point in modern policing which if not done right could seriously damage the fabric of a great British institution.

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