Risking It All – part 3 – Kashaf Walayat OBE

Editor’s Note:- Some candidates have jobs where laws or rules prevent their political involvement, yet those same roles may give them experience and insight that could make them a better Police and Crime Commissioner. We have already covered the case of Simon Bullock, who withdrew from Labour’s shortlist in Bedfordshire when the civil service decided their rule against involvement in ‘national’ politics applied to PCCs. When Kash Walayat faced the same choice, he made a different decision, resigning without any redundancy payment, to show his commitment in a Labour nomination contest in South Yorkshire with three other heavyweight contenders, including the former Chief Constable. You can read more from him at www.kashaf.co.uk

It was a very big decision to resign from my permanent job of 25 years in this time of economic difficulty. I have family and a mortgage and for the first time in 25 years I will have no significant income coming in, so this was not a decision I made lightly.

Having talked it over with my family, I am pleased to say they believe I am doing the right thing. I am blessed with a supportive family which makes taking tough decisions that bit easier.

I am standing for the post of Police Crime Commissioner because I cannot stand idly by while cut after cut is made to public services and jobs are being lost and privatised. I was not born into privilege. I know how vital good, reliable public services are to hard working people and society as a whole.

I have been serving on the Police Authority for 5 years so when this new post of Police Crime Commissioner came along, I knew I had the experience to make a difference from day one.

Of course, the easy thing for me to have done would have been to just sit back and let someone else deal with this. I could have kept my permanent job which pays well and I could say this change will not affect me.

But I am not a man who takes the easy option. I am not a man who thinks only of himself. I am a man who wants to work for the greater good of the country that gives those who work hard the chance to better themselves.

The truth is that the Police Commissioner reform will affect all of us in some shape or form, as the character and nature of a society’s police service plays a large part in determining how pleasant that society is to live in.

Working in Health and Education along with serving on the Police Authority has given me a track record of standing up for the interests of the public and the Policing service. For example, I fought hard against the decision to scrap the Police Helicopter for South Yorkshire.

I have lots of ideas on how to improve policing within South Yorkshire and, if given the opportunity, I will work tirelessly to listen to the public and ensure we have the best Police service in the country.

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4 Responses to Risking It All – part 3 – Kashaf Walayat OBE

  1. Kash, my hat is off to you, and to others who have taken similarly brave decisions in what you rightly say are difficult times. I certainly hope that the commitment shown by the various people highlighted in this series garners wider attention, and that all your respective candidacies are noted accordingly. On a personal note, I regret that many of us have been forced into this position, and had to take the decision whether or not to leave secure positions to pursue another avenue of public service. Whilst Sam has highlighted a number of individuals who are “risking it all”, I wonder how many likeminded individuals are out there – with the same level of expertise and passion – but for whatever reasons are not in a position to take such a gamble. And yes, I am one such person, but I am also disappointed that we may be missing out on a raft of other candidates who are prevented from standing because of the positions they hold, but given their skills and background, are exactly the types of people we should be encouraging to come forward.

    • samchapman says:

      Simon, it requires courage to avoid the temptations and safety of silence, so thank you for your contribution. Different personal circumstances obviously determine what each individual can do, and I hope you appreciate that you are only mentioned above to show that this is not a ‘one-off’. I shall make Kash aware of your comment.

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