The longed-for Update – Candidates

Since the last update a fortnight ago, a lot has happened, so today we are just looking at updates about candidate shortlists, and websites and videos the candidates have launched.


Avon and Somerset – John Savage and Bob Ashford have been shortlisted to be Labour’s PCC candidate.

Cleveland – Middlesborough Councillor Barry Coppinger (Campaign Website here) and Hartlepool councillor Jonathan Brash – no Sajaad Khan then?

Derbyshire – Alan Charles, Hardyal Dhindsa & Kathryn Salt are on the shortlist which means local crime expert Steve Spear has not been shortlisted.

Devon and Cornwall – Nicky Williams and Patrick Canavan.

Essex – Deputy Leader of Thurrock Council Val Morris-Cook and Chair of Colchester Labour Party Jordan Newell are on the shortlist.

Gloucestershire – Rupi Dhanda, wife of former MP and Minister Parmjit Dhanda, has been selected. (Campaign Video here)Once again, no postal ballot. The local report says “Phil Gaskin, Labour Party South West Regional Director, said:”Rupi Dhanda will be an excellent candidate. She’s not a politician and she’s not a former police officer.” What can Labour now say about their Humberside shortlist- a politician and a former police officer?

Gwent – Hamish Sandison and Josh Worrad are on a shortlist of two.

Humberside – The Labour race has narrowed to Lord Prescott (campaign video/website here) and Keith Hunter (campaign video here) as former-MP Ian Cawsey bowed out for a new job. Prescott has opted for a Nationbuilder website, a system first designed for American elections that integrates fundraising and campaign management. It has clearly drawn the attention of other candidates, leading to a slight squabble as to what was said, and where it was said.

Lancashire – the list remains the same, but Ibby Master has put a range of videos on his website.

Suffolk – former Chief Exec of the Suffolk Council for Racial Equality Jane Basham and former Chief Superintendent Tim Beach were first listed as being on the shortlist, with promises of a postal ballot, and then Jane Basham was declared as the candidate, with not a mention of Mr Beach. What happened there then? Therese Coffey MP expressed surprise, and Ms Basham queried after the cause of the surprise, only to be told that Ms Coffey thought they would have chosen the copper. Doesn’t look like there was a choice.

Wiltshire – Unite union official Clare Moody is the candidate in Wiltshire..


Cambridgeshire – Steve Count is seeking the Conservative nomination.

Devon and Cornwall – Alison Hernandez is definitely seeking the nomination while Will Mumford is “actively considering” it.

Hertfordshire – Richard Stratton is applying. See his Candidate Statement yesterday.

Kent – County Councillor Bryan Sweetland joins a race for a nomination (also here) formerly thought to be there for Tim Collins to take, but where former Gravesham MP Jacques Arnold is reportedly also being considered.

Lancashire – Sam Chapman (yes, me) launched his campaign with the campaign website, and a ConservativeHome article on what Police and Crime Commissioners are not that drew favourable review from a number of sources, including this from Dan Hannan MEP.

Warwickshire – The Police Foundation have been told that Warwick councillor Clare Sawdon is “on the shortlist” for the Conservative nomination.



Michael Felse confirms that he will stand for PCC in Greater Manchester. He has recently stood as the English Democrats candidate for Mayor of Salford, so there’s a good chance he will stand for them, although his political allegiances have been quite mobile in the past.

Rick Moore has pulled out of the race to be Leicestershire’s PCC, saying an independent has “no chance”.

Jon Collins reports that his former NACRO colleague Mervyn Barrett is considering running as an independent candidate in Lincolnshire.

Tony Johnson has said he will run as Alliance Party GB candidate for PCC in Lancashire.

Having previously decided not to, the Liberal Democrats may now run a PCC candidate in Devon & Cornwall. This chopping and changing of decisions has been branded ‘a dog’s breakfast


And finally

Slight confusion or disarming honesty about a sign on a train.


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