Candidate Statement of Richard Davies

Richard Davies is seeking the Conservative nomination to be the Police and Crime Commissioner in Lincolnshire. If you are intending to stand to be Police and Crime Commissioner where you live, you can submit your own Candidate Statement, so get in touch. Others are on the way, and we are looking for 400 words, a photo of you that you have rights to, and preferably an imprint, which will be needed for the formal election period later this year.

Running a small business and being a member of the County Council has taught me to bring a critical and enquiring mind to bear in all my political and business dealings and this leads me to question and investigate any statements and opinions put before me. My experience dealing with Lincolnshire Police means that I have seen first hand how they operate and have the ability to push back and challenge ideas and decisions where appropriate. Having been born and raised in Lincolnshire I have a deep affinity and connection to public concerns in relation to criminality and this will drive me to set the policing priorities that matter.

At a time of squeezed family budgets, policing must be delivered at the lowest possible cost to the taxpayer; an ambition which can be achieved without
diminishing front line services. For example, if elected, I would
 share regional services with neighbouring authorities and utilise modern technology to make it easier for police officers to spend more time on the streets and less time in police stations filling in paperwork. This will reduce the amount of unnecessary paper work the police are regrettably saddled with at present.

My priorities are:

Visible Policing

  • Cop Shops – Establish contact points on every town High Street where members of the public can speak to Police Officers and PCSOs (Police Community Support Officers).
  • More PCSOs – Allow local district and parish councils along with resident groups to fund Police Community Support Officers.
  • Public Meetings – Across the county, hold regular forums with the Police and Crime Commissioner and Chief Constable (or deputy) to discuss local policing issues and concerns.

Prevent Crime

  • Targeting Known Criminals – More aggressive targeting of persistent offenders.
  • Ban Street Drinking – Work with local authorities to ban anti-social street drinking across town centres throughout Lincolnshire.
  • Late night anti-social behaviour – Reduce the drain on police resources caused by late night anti-social behaviour.
  • Scrap Metal Scheme – Push for mandatory spot checks for all scrap metal dealers.

Better Value for Money

  • Collaboration – Working with other police forces to drive down costs and improve policing in Lincolnshire.
  • Digital Policing – Better use of technology to eliminate unnecessary paperwork and keep officers on the street.
  • Partnerships – Taking the best support from industry to aid crime fighting in Lincolnshire.

I’m keen to hear from all corners of Lincolnshire so please take a moment to tell me your thoughts at

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