More briefings

Alright, alright, there are other free briefing events other than the one put on by Crest Advisory (26 June, Tavistock Square, London) although the Crest one is the only one with me in it, so why you would even bother…

You might, for example, want to register for the Policy Exchange event on 19 June about the Impact of PCCs on the policing landscape (at Deloitte, 2 New Street Square, London, EC4A 3BZ). It’s not just for Prospective PCCs and lunch is provided but places are limited. (Why do I get the feeling it is going to be full of cops now I’ve pointed out the free lunch?)

My fans at the Local Government Association have slipped a day of PCC related stuff (28 June) into their annual conference at the ICC in Birmingham, and prospective PCCs can attend the whole conference for free, though my invite said I should reply by 11 June, so you might want to get a move on and email . Given that a place at the LGA conference costs between £495 and £640, if you were thinking of going anyway it might be worth developing an intention to stand as a PCC just for the saving. If you are a Councillor who is intending to stand for PCC and your Council is paying for you to attend, you probably need your head checked.

The Association of Police Authorities, in the guise of the Association of Police and Crime Commissioners, are putting on a briefing day at 29 June at NPIA Ryton, near Coventry.

So, a little geographic diversity there – though nothing in Manchester yet. Oh, the ACPO event was in Manchester, but it was the only one of the five that PCCs had to pay to go to. Whatever they say, ACPO aren’t short of a few coppers…

Full marks to Ian Chisnall for recognising in the comments section here that three of the four all happen in the same week, and he seeks more coordination. Given they happen in the same week however, it’s close to miraculous that no two end up on the same day.

And before all you suspicious sorts start asking questions, not one of them has given me a penny for this free publicity. Nor did ACPO. I do it for love!


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4 Responses to More briefings

  1. ianchisnall says:

    Hi Sam, communication of course does need to be two way – my experience with the LGA has been reasonably positive. I was contacted by LGA some time ago and as well as being the first organisation out of the blocks, they have been very clear and supportive. There is no cost to attending their conference for PCC candidates irrespective of you attending for the one day focused on PCCs or else the whole 3 day event.

  2. Ian –

    I’m sure you signed up for Crest’s briefings on 11th March because they were of some use, and I hope that the fact first one was sent out in February 2012 – and we have been asking for feedback since then – suggests our commitment to help prospective PCCs. (And although it’s not a competition, I think you’ll find we were supporting candidates long before the LGA.)

    Those we work with say our support is valued: they say we are “indispensable”, that we offer the “finest” advice and that our “intelligence, integrity and energy” sets us apart from our peers. Others say we ”work hard to exceed expectations”, “provide excellent value for money”, that our work is “excellent” and that the team are “pleasure to work with”.

    You have my contact details in your inbox.

    Gavin, Crest Advisory

  3. Julia Thomas says:

    “Why do I get the feeling it is going to be full of cops now I’ve pointed out the free lunch?”
    Does that mean you are pro-Police or anti??? Taking cheap pot shots at those you seek to lead seems a tad remiss to me.

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