Be Part Of It – full video

Blair Gibbs said it was ‘fun‘.

The Times Crime editor Sean O’Neill thought it was ‘chirpy’, but saw it as a sign of ‘desperate times‘.

Policing First’s Paul West demanded ‘please, please tell me it’s a spoof‘.

But to me, it’s Lancashire Police Authority going out on a high. It may be ‘cheesy’ to highbrow types, but I think it’s equal measures of fabulous and hilarious – ladies and gentlemen, please be upstanding for the full video version if the Lancashire Hotpots ‘Be Part Of It – Make Sure You Vote!’



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2 Responses to Be Part Of It – full video

  1. Miranda Carruthers-Watt says:

    Thanks Sam
    I may misquote Oscar Wilde here and say “the only thing worse than being talked about is not being talked about”
    We could have spent money on leaflets to throw in the bin but rather wanted to try to involve people in something that told them what this election was all out!
    Glad to have provoked discussion as ever and by the way – Lancs very happy to provide translations for anyone struggling and I am certainly not apologising to anyone for a very deliberate Lancashire approach!

    • samchapman says:

      Miranda, I think Naomi & co. have done a fine job here. One thing I can’t comment on, as I don’t know it, is the cost, but the campaign has made more of a mark than in any other Authority, or the Electoral Commission so far, whose job it is to raise awareness.

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