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  1. Sorry to disappoint you Sam, but the full survey question says ‘Please tick up to three’. Under SV it would be slightly premature to claim victory until the distribution of second preference votes has been counted. The YouGov poll actually allowed 3 ticks i.e. a super-supplementary system (SSV).

    59% choosing a former police officer is a remarkable outcome … but the results above are equally consistent with 29% first preference votes going to ‘an ordinary person’, 26% to ‘someone with military experience’, 13% to ‘someone with business experience’ etc. … and only 3% to a former police officer (!). Assuming every respondent answered this question of course.

    Sorry mate. You got the most second preference votes, but under SV you need more first preference votes to get through the first round of counting. It was a run-off between the ordinary person and the military chap. Unfortunately it looks as though YouGov omitted to ask respondents to rank their preferences so we’ll never know.

    Totally agree with the implications for candidates standing for political parties though.

    Did I mention my background?! It’s really very ordinary.

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