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  1. Ken Little says:

    Take it from me all the “political” activist will be out in force when it comes to casting their vote on the 15th November 2012 for”their” candidate.
    It makes little difference how dedicated or fool hardy you are to believe you can make a difference
    The public will see that this process is bound to be swamped by ex-politicians, ex-councillors, or ex-police authority members. One way or the other they will be backed up by their political pay masters to pay for advertising, door knocking, etc.
    Local and National newspapers don’t help the “independents “ they are only interested in “politicians” local radio and Live 5 have had only “political” candidates spreading their word.
    The only news for independents that I have read or heard about are for people like Simon Weston the “news being is-, can he stand, then-, he is now a non-runner.
    I must have read about Col Tim Collins so many times in National and Local newspapers, on national and local tv and radio I thought we were at war with him, but No he was withdrawing from the race to become a PCC (bearing in mind he thought it was a part time job anyway).
    Col Collins (conservative) probably would have been one of those candidates that would simply turn up rely upon his war cry and the voters would all stampede to the polls. It is a sad reflection on this system that we call democracy that it will, I predict, produce no one single independent PCC, simply because most of the voters who will turn out to vote will be “political activist” (voters), that will be reflected by the turnout.
    The system in place for the public to choose is so unbalanced it beggars belief, without the cash to fund not only the £5k deposit (if less than 5% of the vote you lose it) and pay for staff to assist, guide and promote your campaign is a little like the village grocery store trying to compete with Tesco, or Sainsbury does anyone think he can take them on, really?

    Ken Little naive Independent PCC candidate for Kent

  2. Sam – good post and you prompted me to write this blog post: Unearthing the power of Section 17 ( I like your point about ‘teeth’…

    At the end of my article I felt moved to speculate how deployment of s.17 might contribute (as it were) to the relationship between the PCC and the members of the PCP.

    I am aware that a focus on s.17 might appear ‘geeky’ to some politicians, but I would advise people not to see it in that way.

    • samchapman says:

      Interesting point, Jon. Accountability can be a two-way street in these permeable worlds.

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