Candidate Statement of Mervyn Barrett OBE

Mervyn Barrett is standing as an Independent candidate to be the Police and Crime Commissioner for Lincolnshire. If you are intending to stand to be Police and Crime Commissioner where you live, you can submit your own Candidate Statement, so get in touch at Others are on the way, and we are looking for 400 words, and a photo of you to which you have rights.

For 30 years, I have worked hard to find out what really works to cut crime, and make our communities safer for everyone. I understand what the police can and cannot do, and the roles and responsibilities of the rest of us.

Now I want to bring this experience to my home county, Lincolnshire, as its first police and crime commissioner.

My vision is for a police service that:

• Works to prevent crime, as well as catching criminals once it’s happened

• Responds effectively to victims’ needs

• Addresses people’s fear of crime, so they feel safe in the streets and in their homes

A lot of good work is already being done, but we still need to get smarter, using evidence and good practice to deliver real results. Out of necessity, Lincolnshire Police is already smarter than the average force but there is more we can do.

The police, councils and other agencies must listen more to local people, and work with them. Evidence shows that community consultation leads to more effective responsive policing, meaning fewer crimes and fewer victims. Working together to find local solutions to local problems is especially important to tackling problems such as the blight of anti-social behaviour. This type of crime prevention is also cost-effective. Investigations and prosecutions are expensive, and all too often the police have too little evidence to take action.

As Commissioner, I would make sure not only that local partnerships are built, but also that everyone continues to work on them month after month, year after year.

I would also develop a force that works with public protection agencies and others to deal with persistent offenders. At the moment, these agencies are good at enforcement, but less so at helping offenders make a break with their pasts. At the moment, offenders often fall back into crime, and we end up with yet more victims, and yet more cost to taxpayers. It is impossible to reduce crime significantly without breaking the cycle by providing the right support and services.

Finally, I am not a party politician. I want to keep politics out of policing. Policing decisions must be made locally, based on what works to keep down crime and maintain public order, not on party political whims or a ‘one size fits all’ approach. I would be proud to serve only the people of Lincolnshire, and answer only to them for my actions.



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2 Responses to Candidate Statement of Mervyn Barrett OBE

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  2. Ed Packwood says:

    I’ve noticed various individuals have alleged you have “purchased” Twitter followers. Further I notice those allegations that have not been answered, particularly those appearing on Twitter. In fact the Tweets alleging those allegations are removed from your twitter stream PDQ.

    I am surprised that a person standing for such an elevated position should attempt (in my view) to dupe the public into believing you are more influential than in fact you are. This trait is further born out (in my view) by pictures on your Twitter account showing you with your hand on the knocker of Number 10. Bigging yourself up as if you were not just hanging onto the skirt tails of another candidate on that visit. The Twitter issue and the picture evidence a worrying tendency to deceive.

    Would you please answer the Twitter question once and for all. This self evident prevarication can not be doing your “Honest Merve” image much good at all.

    My apologies to TOTC for bringing this up here but I and others have tried elsewhere without success as Merve Swerves around the question time and time again.

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