Sussex Independent candidate on the saga of getting a nomination form in time for it to be completed.


Since writing the following blog, I have been sent this Letter from Electoral Commission – do read it as it helps to explain why there was a delay and that this is now ended – thanks to those of you who re-blogged as this must have helped.

I confess that if someone asked me to design a form for any number of purposes, I would not find the task enjoyable or easy. It is simply not the sort of thing that my mind readily turns to. However I also know several people who would design several forms before Breakfast if they were asked. If you need a form, and have the right human resources, getting one designed should not be too hard!

One of the challenges facing the combined resources of the Home Office, Electoral Commission and 41 people known as Police Area Returning Officers (PARO) right now is to do just…

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  1. Gillian Radcliffe, Independent PCC candidate for South Yorkshire says:

    All power to Ian for his tenacity. This really must be resolved quickly. The barriers for independents are already substantial and this is another brick in the wall. Party policians have more helpers and resources to throw at things so the impact will disadvantage independents disproportionately. We need every one of the 101 remaining days to the elections to make our preparations so missed deadlines at “the centre” are enormously unhelpful.

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