Which candidates are in the clear?

Recent withdrawals from the PCC elections flow from an increased appreciation of the strict nature of the rules on how previous convictions, including otherwise 'spent' convictions and those incurred as a juvenile, can disqualify a person from standing. Those withdrawals have also raised doubt as to who is able to stand, especially as they have exposed weaknesses in the selection procedures of both Labour and the Conservatives.

Today on TopOfTheCops we reveal which candidates have declared that they have looked at the rules on previous convictions and still believe themselves to be qualified to stand.

And that means we also identify the others – over in our Candidates' Section.


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2 Responses to Which candidates are in the clear?

  1. David Joe Neilson Independent Candidate for Sussex Police & Crime Commissioner. I am standing on a anti corruption platform. website http://www.hrs.1hwy.com  ================================================

  2. Sceptical of PCC's says:

    Helpful comments from Philip Hammond:-

    “G4S’s failure to provide enough Olympic security guards has taught ministers that private firms are unsuited to providing many public services, the Defence Secretary has admitted.

    In an interview with The Independent, Philip Hammond said the G4S saga had caused him to rethink his scepticism towards the public sector”

    PCC candidates take note – your views on priviatisation will be key in the upcoming weeks.

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