Cambridgeshire Tories select, again.

I understand that Cambridgeshire Conservatives will be having a hustings this Friday evening, followed by a vote to select their replacement Candidate for the Police and Crime Commissioner elections.

Sadly this means that they will move from one extreme of selection to another in terms of their membership, from an all postal ballot, admittedly with a curious system for weighing preferences which may have rendered it unusable when a replacement was needed, all the way to a meeting that will be attended by whoever can find out and make themselves available in 4 days.

I understand that Sir Graham Bright and Cllr Shona Johnstone are there from the first go, with Cllr Darren Tysoe of Huntingdonshire District Council joining the race where previously he was the reserve.

Shona Johnstone has been setting out her stall again today.

Sir Graham Bright's stall is still where it was.

Good luck on finding out where it will be held.


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