Candidate Statement of Chris Wright

Chris Wright is standing as an Independent candidate for Gwent Police and Crime Commissioner. If you are intending to stand to be Police and Crime Commissioner where you live, you can submit your own Candidate Statement, so get in touch at Others are on the way, and we are looking for 400 words, and a photo of you to which you have rights.

I am standing as a true Independent candidate because to give control of policing to politicians is quite simply wrong.


Ending last October I gained thirty years experience in policing; from beginning to end committed to community policing but also specialising in the planning and logistics of specialist police plans and community safety plans. My thirty years of policing was working on the 'front-line' – being so proud that I spent all that time in uniform and in DIRECT contact with the community – indeed my penultimate duty was a night duty and I know very few officers and no other candidate can make that claim.


My in-depth knowledge of community and specialised policing, familiarity in talking with all officers from Constables to the Chief Constable, makes me the perfect candidate to be able to analyse the direction, policies and strategies of the Gwent Constabulary and decide whether,


a) the direction and strategy will work, and

b) whether they are in the right direction for the communities of Gwent, and then

i. be able to cut crime and deliver an effective and efficient police service within our force area;

ii. be personally responsible for consulting with the public of Gwent to set their policing priorities;

iii. personally ensure local and national priorities are suitably funded by setting a budget and the local precept;

iv. hold the Chief Constable to account for the performance of Gwent Police;

v. ensure our community's needs are met as effectively as possible.


As your first Police and Crime Commissioner I will open a full and frank dialogue with partners, such as Victim Support, local Councils and the Probation Service, to ensure that once a victim is identified or an offender is brought to justice then a whole gambit of actions will take place to support or reassure the victim and drive home the repulsion our communities feel about criminals and their actions.


Finally I am not a political candidate nor have I ever been a political party member. I have not asked for 'back-room' party support – like some other so-called 'Independents' – and I want to assure everyone that my full-time goal is to maintain the great community work and crime reductions the Gwent Police have shown recently even after the cuts sent this way by Politicians and successive Governments.


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5 Responses to Candidate Statement of Chris Wright

  1. Ian Johnston says:

    Could the candidate explain what he means in the last paragraph please.

  2. As Mr Wright claims to be a ‘true independent’, please would he answer my questions in my LabourList article from a while back:

    1. Are you or have you ever been a member of a political party? How did you vote in the last general and council elections?

    2. What affiliations (if any) do you hold? For example, do you belong to any clubs, associations, campaigning organisations or secret societies? Which ones?

    3. As you are standing on an independent ticket, are you able to give an assurance that if you ever choose to belong to or campaign for a political party, that you will immediately resign as a candidate (or PCC if you are elected)?

    4. What values and principles (as opposed to the specific policies in your manifesto) will guide you in the decisions you will be taking as a PCC, if you are elected?

    5. What would you say are your strongest views?

    6. Have you ever run for political office as an independent before? If not, why not? If so, what & why?

    7. Assuming that you are very wary of party politicians running the police, what other public services do you think party politicians should not be running either? What are your reasons for this?

  3. Dontcha just love people who put themselves forward for a publicly accountable office but never answer your questions, preferring instead, to limit themselves to broadcast mode…

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  5. Ian Johnston says:

    Might be worth noting that as the other Independent Candidate In Gwent I have answered Jon’s questions in full. No problems!!

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