Candidate Statement of Mervyn Lambert

Mervyn Lambert is standing as an Independent candidate to be Norfolk PCC

My name is Mervyn Lambert. I am Norfolk born and left school at 15 to work on the family farm. At 20 years old I left to make my own way in life and have built up a successful plant hire and traffic management business employing approximately 200 people. The main reason I am standing is because I strongly believe the Police should be free from political pressure and I am offering myself as an Independent alternative.


Because I've suffered high levels of theft from my business over the years, together with arson and vandalism, and personally have suffered from burglars and pickpockets, I certainly know the bitter taste that comes with being a victim and I want to do something about it.


I want to see more of the yobs who get involved in unsociable behaviour, the individuals who burgle our houses and those who sell our young people drugs etc and blight our lives brought to justice, in order that the balance of fear the law abiding individuals feel is transferred increasingly onto the criminal in that they will be caught and have to pay for their crimes.


However, the biggest challenge facing the new Police and Crime Commissioner is dealing with the £27 million the Government has told the Norfolk Police they will lose from central Government by 2015 and still maintain a credible effective service. I truly believe I can achieve this, for I have extensive experience gained in the private sector that includes working to strict financial budgets and I am up for the challenge ahead should the public choose me.


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