Candidate Statement of Sultan Alam

Sultan Alam is standing as an Independent Candidate for Cleveland Police and Crime Commissioner. If you are intending to stand to be Police and Crime Commissioner where you live, you can submit your own Candidate Statement, so get in touch at Others are on the way, and we are looking for 400 words, and a photo of you to which you have rights.

During my police service I received commendations from Crown Court Judges on two separate occasions – for bravery and for tenacity in carrying out my duties. I also received a commendation for saving a life. Before I retired I was decorated with the Distinguished Service Medal

I have an in-depth knowledge of the workings of the police service and of the Criminal Justice system. As local people will know, I have seen the Criminal Justice system from many different aspects. I spent many years, fearlessly, fighting for justice and stood my ground, for over 17 years, fighting for the truth and for what is right – I will represent the people of Cleveland with just as much tenacity, strength and passion.

One important element of the fight against crime that seems to have largely escaped serious attention by candidates is the police themselves. I have said many times in the past; “there is no doubt that the great majority of our police officers are decent, dedicated and hardworking Police Officers”: but there is always room for improvement. What I propose to do, is ensure that the Chief Constable:


  1. Accepts nothing but exemplary professional conduct from all employees.
  2. Promotes officers and staff purely on merit and ability
  3. Combats inefficiency thereby releasing more officers onto the streets.
  4. Rigorously enforces the Police Code of Conduct
  5. Reduces expense claims of senior officers thereby releasing more money for essential services. Spending of taxpayer’s money should be done wisely and sparingly. I will state here and now that, if I am elected, I will not make any claim for personal expenses – that includes meals, refreshments, travel or accommodation etc. – throughout my term in office. This will, in effect, save the taxpayer many thousands of pounds.
  6. Review all private sector contracts to ensure that the taxpayer is getting value for money AND an efficient and professional service – these will remain under constant review.

My priorities will be a multi agency and multi-faceted approach towards:

  1. Crime prevention and reducing the fear of crime, thereby improving the quality of life for everyone
  2. Adopting a “Challenge – Educate – Enforce” approach towards any and all forms of anti-social behaviour
  3. Ensuring that the rights of victims are always at the forefront in the criminal justice process
  4. Innovative and effective rehabilitation programmes to reduce re-offending
  5. Always taking into account the requirements and concerns of the “Cleveland Community” in the decision-making and the policy directing processes.
  6. Lobbying for appropriate sentencing of offenders.

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