Candidate Statement of Sarah Flannery

Sarah Flannery is the Independent Candidate for Cheshire Police and Crime Commissioner.

The police are the public and the public are the police,” said Sir Robert Peel, the father of modern policing whose principles are followed to this day.

I believe that only an Independent Police and Crime Commissioner can respect that principle and fulfil the main role of the PCC: to connect the public with policing.

I’ve always been Independent and political dogma has no place in my approach. As the People’s PCC, I will be a strong voice for safer communities by putting people – not party politics – at the heart of policing. And I commit to tackling this role with integrity, energy, vision and openness.

I’ve lived in Cheshire for 30 years and spent my life being heavily involved with community activities and issues across the county. That knowledge of the community and its concerns, coupled with my business background of working with public sector bodies in health and education, makes me the ideal candidate for Cheshire PCC.

I understand how collaboration can deliver effective results and value for money to help Cheshire Police continue its excellent work in reducing crime.

As Independent Cheshire Police and Crime Commissioner, I will:

Represent all parts of Cheshire fairly, with links and surgeries across the county so that I’m visible and I know your views

Deliver efficient policing by supporting the police service, building strong partnerships with public, private and voluntary organisations

Reduce crime by thoughtful and realistic focus on more visible police presence, detection rates, re-offending, anti-social behaviour and dealing effectively with offenders

Deliver value for money by supporting what works well, and resourceful commissioning that cuts crime without sacrificing public safety for profit

Improve accountability and public confidence with regular updates on how your needs are being met – and being honest about what can and can’t be done

Provide the best possible service for victims and witnesses of crime

Increase the involvement of young people in community crime fighting with initiatives such as a Youth PCC

PCCs were introduced to encourage independent people to step forward and campaign on their own strengths and experience for election to this very important job.

The only way to keep Cheshire, its police and its people safe from party political crossfire is to vote Independent. I will keep the county safe from crime and from party politics.

Sarah for Cheshire PCC


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